Breast Augmentation

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Plastic Surgeon - Columbia SC - Breast Augmentation - Gregory Sexton, MD - Breast Enhancment

Augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast enhancement, breast implants) is a procedure commonly performed by plastic surgeons to make the breasts look larger.

This involves placing an implant behind the breast.  The implant can be placed immediately behind the breast, on top of the pectoralis major muscle, or behind the pectoralis major muscle.  Although I place in both positions depending on what the patient requests, or what would give the best results, I usually recommend placing the implant behind the muscle.  I feel this gives a better long-term results.

The incision is commonly made under the breast, or around the bottom of the nipple.  Currently I prefer the incision under the breast, but I am willing to use any of these approaches based on patient preference.  I discourage the incision around the nipple if the patient plans to breast feed in the future.

Choosing the size, type and shape of the implant is often the most stressful aspect of the entire patient experience.  I caution against textured implants because because I feel they have a higher rate of "rippling," and my concern about anaplastic large cell lymphoma.  I help patients with size selection by showing photographs and using implant sizers patients can place under their clothing.  I allow them time to view the pictures of previous patients and try the various implant sizers in private.  After the patients has decided what size implant they would like, then I tell them what size implant  I think they will need to achieve the results they want based on what they told me during the consultation.  If we arrive at drastically different implant sizes then we further consult until we reach a common implant size. The final implant size is the decision of the patient.

The operation is performed as an outpatient operation, usually taking less than 60 minutes of operating time.  Most patients leave the hospital within an hour after completion of the procedure.  Pain and recovery time are dependant on implant size and placement.  Patients return to my office in 3 to 5 days, 3 weeks and 3 months afterwards.  There is no charge for these return visits.  Each patients is given an individualized booklet with instructions and pre-operative and post-operative photographs.

Risk and complications are best discussed during the office consultation.  I give every patient a list of the most common complications which we go over together.